Executing Successful 1-1s

Inspire provides supervisors with the resources they need to have effective, focused conversations with their direct reports. This article covers what those resources are, and how to access them.

Inspire encourages supervisors to regularly meet with their direct reports in the cadence that works best for their company. Typically this can be anywhere from weekly, bi-weekly, or once a month - based on how your Inspire instance has been configured

Using the 1-1 Module, both you and your direct report can enter, view, and update a meeting agenda, view past and future agenda items, participate in an on-going conversation, and review weekly tasks and objectives progress. 

As a supervisor, the 1-1 Module provides the up-to-date data you need to more effectively coach your direct reports, all on one page. 


1. From the Inspire Homepage, click on the Module image-697 menu and select 1-1.

2. Select a direct report and click View 1-1.

3. At the top of your screen, the Agenda, Conversation, and Feedback tabs provide an easy way to communicate with your direct report. These conversations are saved week-to-week and may be reviewed at any time. Taken together, they can paint a picture of ongoing progress or help you better understand, and anticipate, any setbacks.

4. To review the agenda, conversation, or feedback information from previous week, click the < icon. Use the > icon to view the same information for a future week. 

5. You can use the Suggestions link in the Agenda, Conversations, or Feedback tabs to view easy conversation starters to help jump start communication

6. The Recognition tab displays all recognition received by your direct report and can help you gauge how their contributions are being viewed by their peers. 

7. The lower portion of the 1-1 Module displays planned and unplanned objectives. An objective is considered planned if your direct report has entered any tasks designed to move the objective forward during the current week. 

  • Clicking the down arrow will reveal important details about the objective:

  • In the example below, the objective, "Explore and grow new opportunities on the West Coast," is considered planned as two tasks have been entered for the current week. A task will appear as crossed-out if it has already been completed. 

  • The Objective Conversations field can be used to ask questions or provide feedback on subjects specifically related to this objective.
  • The nudge function allows supervisors to quickly send a message to their direct report and can be especially useful when an objective is unplanned, progress is not as expected, or the objective may be incorrectly aligned. 

8. Once you have reviewed the available data, potentially updated the planned Agenda field, met with your direct report, asked any pertinent questions (either in person, or via the 1-1 module) and noted important information in the appropriate field, your 1-1 is complete. 

9. To save and submit this 1-1 so that it may be viewed later, click the Submit 1-1 button at the top of your screen. 

10. This concludes your 1-1. To review the same data for another direct report, click the Direct Reports button at the top of your screen. Or, click the Inspire logo in the upper-left hand corner to return to the home page.