Introduction to the Inspire Performance Module for Supervisors - Video

Inspire contains powerful features to help supervisors guide their direct reports towards their objectives.

The Inspire Performance Cycle is a complete series of actions undertaken by team members and leaders in a set period of time - typically every quarter or trimester. Taken together, these actions help employees clarify their objectives, help supervisors initiate effective conversations, and help foster a culture of self-leadership and continuous development.

A typical instance of Inspire has a four-phase Performance Cycle that requires action from supervisors at three key points:

  1. Collaborating and Signing off on a Performance Agreement - In this phase, supervisors meet with their direct reports to review a draft of the Performance Agreement and sign-off on the objectives to be accomplished in the forthcoming cycle.  
  2. If enabled at your organization, the 1-1 Execution phase will now begin.  - During this phase, supervisors meet with their direct reports regularly to discuss progress on the objectives as well as any obstacles that may occur. This stage is carried out in the 1-1 Module, not the Performance Management Module and may be enabled separately from the Performance Module as a whole. 
  3. Preparing a Performance Appraisal - In this final phase, supervisors evaluate the performance of their direct reports during the preceding Performance Cycle, and, if enabled, assign a letter grade. 

Note: The Inspire Performance Cycle may be customized to reflect your company's needs. More information on options and settings is available here.

Watch the video below, or review Getting Started for Team Leaders, for an overview of the Team Leader role in the Inspire Performance Cycle.