Commenting on a Weekly Plan

You can respond to a shared weekly plan by utilizing Inspire’s 1-1 page. Adding comments to your direct report’s objectives and roles can increase communication and improve efficiency during your 1-1 meeting. 

To respond to a weekly plan

1. On the top toolbar, click Module button and select 1-1.

2. On the 1-1 page, click the username in the upper-right corner, then select to view either a direct report’s, shared, or your own One-to-One. 

3. If you have clicked Shared 1-1's or Direct Reports, select a user.

4. Click the title or the Expand arrow of the role or objective you would like to view to expand the role/objective.

5. In the Conversations box under the Agenda, type a comment. 

NOTE: Alternatively, if you have access to the Leadership Genius license, you can click
the Conversation Starters link to add leadership guidance relevant to the user’s Phase of Performance and click the Add  icon when you have made a selection. 

6. Click the Send button to add your comment to the message box.

7. To respond to a comment, click the Reply link under a comment, then click the Send icon.  

New comments are identified by a green circle next to the profile picture of the person whom commented. You can email comment threads to alert your supervisor of new comments. For instructions, see Emailing Conversations