Managing Company Dashboards - The Dashboard Administrator Role

Dashboards in Inspire are used to organize helpful widgets that are used to perform daily functions. Users can create a dashboard that helps streamline activities within Inspire. Widgets have a wide and helpful range, from checking in on objectives and updating planned items to social widgets for monitoring the objective progress of users you are following.Inspire has a few out-of-the-box dashboards already organized for users. Dashboard Administrators can also construct dashboards for company-wide use.   

Company dashboards are created by a Dashboard Administrator, and they are visible to all employees. This article will provide instructions for creating, editing, and managing company dashboards. 

Dashboard Administrators have the ability to:

Note: In order to follow the steps in this article, you must have the Dashboard Administrator permission.

How to Create a Company Dashboard

1. Click the Modules image-697 menu and select Dashboards.

2. Click the Menu icon at the top left of the screen.

3. Click the + addDashboard button next to Company Dashboards, and select +Add Dashboard addDashboardButton.


Note: You can click +Add Folder and create folders for your Company Dashboards to better organize them. 

4. In the Dashboard Name field, enter a dashboard name.

Company Dashboard

5. To immediately publish to users with no widgets, check the Set Dashboard as Published, and then click Save .

6. If you would like to add widgets before publishing, click Save . Then add widgets to the Company Dashboard.

How to Add Widgets to a Company Dashboard

On your dashboards, you can add widgets to access different functionalities. Using widgets, you can check in on your objectives, view your calendar, add tasks, track your team’s progress, and more. Dashboard Administrators can add widgets to Company Dashboards that will display to all users when they open and use the Dashboard. 

Note: If you are already editing a Company Dashboard, or have just finished creating a new Company Dashboard, skip to Step 3. 

1. Click the Modules menu and select Dashboards.

2. Open the Company Dashboard that you would like to add widgets to, and click the Edit icon in the upper-right corner to edit the dashboard. 

3. Click the + Widget button in the upper-right corner.

4. On the widget list, click the Add to Dashboard button next to the widget you would like to add. You can also search for a specific widget using the search feature at the top or select a widget category.

5. You may edit the widget title and size to fit your preferences. 

Note: Some widgets have additional customization options available.

6. Click the Save button. 

7. If you want to adjust the widget position, click the Move icon in the center of the widget, then drag the widget into place. 

8. If you want to change the widget size or title after you’ve added the widget, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the widget.

9. Click the Close Close-1 icon. 

10. Click the Done icon.

11. When you have added all the widgets you would like to add to the Company Dashboard, you can publish the dashboard.

How to Publish a Company Dashboard.

When you are ready for all users to have access to the Company Dashboard, you publish it. If you would like the Company Dashboard to be visible to certain users, you can set Dashboard visibility. 

1. Click the Modules menu and select Dashboards.

2. Click the Menu  icon.

3. Click the Ellipsis button next to the company dashboard of your choosing.

4. Click Publish Dashboard publishDashboard , and click Yes yesButton to confirm you would like to publish the Company Dashboard. The Dashboard and widgets will be visible to all employees once published.

Setting Company Dashboard Visibility

Dashboard Administrators can restrict access to company dashboards. Company dashboards can be made visible to only certain individuals or groups in a company.

1. Click the Modules menu and select Dashboards.
2. Click the Menu  icon

3. Click the Ellipsis icon next to the dashboard of your choosing.

4. Select the Set Dashboard Access link. 

Note: A Company Dashboard must be published before access can be granted to individuals or groups.

5. Set the Available pull-down menu to Groups or Individuals. Use the Select pull-down menu to select All or None.

6. Select or Search for groups or individuals and use the Add or Remove buttons to move them to the Assigned list.

Note: Administrators can create groups in Management Administration. Dashboard Administrators do not have the ability to create groups. 

8. Click the Save  button. 

How to Edit a Company Dashboard and Widgets

You can customize the Company Dashboard by adding and editing widgets. Changes made to published company dashboards will be reflected to all users.

1. Click the Modules menu and select Dashboards.

2. Click the Menu icon, then select the company dashboard from the list.

4. Click the Edit icon in the upper-right corner. 

Note: If you would like to set an image as the company dashboard's background, see Changing a Company Dashboard's Background.

5. Click on a widget container, then click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the widget to edit the widget title, size, and any additional widget-specific options. Remember to click the Save  Save icon icon when you finish.

Note: If you would like to add widgets to the company dashboard, see How to Add Widgets to a Company Dashboard.

6. Click the Move icon in the center of the widget to drag it to a new location. 

7. Click the Delete  button to remove the widget.

8. Click the Settings button to edit the size of the widget and customize other widget options if available. Remember to click the Save Save icon button when you finish editing any widget.

8. Click Done image-715 button when finished to save all changes made to the company dashboard. 

How to Change a Company Dashboard's Background

You can select an image to display as a company dashboard’s background. 

1. Click the Modules menu and select Dashboards.

2. On the top left corner of the Dashboards page, click the Menu icon and select a company dashboard or create a new company dashboard.

3. Click the Image  icon in the upper-right corner of the company dashboard.

4. Select one of the following options from the Background Image Source drop-down list:

        • None: Remove a background image if you have one added.
        • Daily: Display the image shown on Inspire’s sign-in screen. The image will update each day when Inspire’s sign-in image changes.
        • Local: Select an image from your files.
        • URL: Enter an image’s website URL.

6. Click the Save button.

7. Click Done image-715 icon when finished.