Step 4 - Publishing a Recognition Budget

Once a Recognition Administrator has finished creating a recognition budget and allocated points as desired, it is ready to be published. It is important to note that once a budget is published, it can't be edited or deleted. Ensure that you have added reserve points if desired to account for potential new employees since once the budget is published, you can't add any more points to the budget, but you can allocate reserve points. After your budget is published, even though you will not be able to edit you can pause or archive the published budget. 

When the budget is published, all users that have been allocated points will receive a notification that the budget is live and they are able to start giving recognition to peers or direct reports using points given to them.

To publish your recognition budget, follow the steps below.

Note: To publish a recognition budget, you must be a Recognition Administrator.

Publishing a Recognition Budget

1. Click the Modules moduleButton menu and select Administration.

2. Expand the Recognition menu on the Management Administration page, and select Budget.


3. Find the draft budget you would like to publish, and click the Ellipsis ellipsisLMS-1 button to expand budget actions.


4. Click Publish Budget publishBudget.

5. To confirm you are ready to publish, type PUBLISH when prompted. You can also enter an optional message to all users who will be receiving points to give.

Note: Once published, you will not be able to edit or delete the budget.

6. When ready, click Confirm & Publish.