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Performance Cycle - Extend Event Date

Occasionally a manager or direct report may need to request an extension of an event due date within a Performance Cycle. If approved, the event due date can be extended and a note can be added to document the extension.

NOTE: Event date extensions can only be performed by an Administrator.

Open a Performance Cycle

1. Click the Modules moduleButton menu in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and select Administration.

NOTE: The Administration module will only appear for those users who have been assigned Administrator privileges.

2. The Inspire Management Administration page will display.  Select Cycle Management and click Cycles. 


3. The Cycles page will open. Locate the appropriate Cycle (A), and click the pencil editSubject (B).


Select the Participant

1. The Edit Cycle page will open. Click on the Participants 2020-11-25_14-00-54 tab.


2. Enter the last name of the person needing the date extension, and click on Search 2020-11-25_14-50-18.2020-11-25_14-14-37-2

3. The person's name appears in the Assigned section. Click on Settings 2020-11-25_14-54-22.  


4. The Edit Participant page opens. Select the appropriate Complete By date for the Performance Cycle phase to be extended.  Type in the new date or click the Calendar 2020-11-25_15-29-19  icon to select the new date.

5. Enter a comment regarding the date extension.

  • If you are extending the Performance Agreement phase, enter a comment in the Notes on Completion Date Adjustment field.
  • If you are extending the 1-1 Execution, Self Assessment, or Appraisal phase, entering a new date triggers the Notes on Completion Date Adjustment field to appear. Enter a comment regarding the date extension here.


REMINDER: All four phases (Performance Agreement, 1-1 Execution, Self Assessment, and Appraisal) of the Performance Cycle were options during the original Cycle set up. Not all phases may currently be active in your Inspire! instance.

6. Click Save Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 12.30.34 PM to save the date extension and comment.

7. If the person having the extension has direct reports, the Extend direct report event due dates? dialog appears.

  • If this date extension extends to the person's direct reports, click Yes.
    • All of the direct reports will have the extension applied and the comment will also be applied appropriately for their extension as shown:
  • If this date extension does NOT extend to the person's direct reports, Click No.  

8. The Edit Cycle page is open. Click Finish 2020-11-25_16-04-46.