Adding a User to a Published Budget

Once a budget is published, you can add a user to the budget and allocate reserve points. This allows the Recognition Administrator to add new employees to a budget so they can start participating in the company's recognition programs without having to wait for a new budget to be published.  

Reserve points are set when creating a budget, and can only be added when a budget is not published. To learn more about creating a budget and reserve points, read this article. 

To add a user to a published budget and allocate points to them, follow the steps below. 

Note: In order to complete the steps in this article, you must be a Recognition Administrator. 

Adding a User to a Published Budget

1. Click the Modules moduleButton menu and select Administration

2. On the Management Administration page, expand Recognition and select Budget.


3. Open a published budget by clicking the Ellipsis button in the actions column and select Points Allocation


4. Click the Ellipsis button in the actions column and select View Details for a point allocation group.


5. Click the +Add New User addNewUserButton button at the top of the page.

6. Search for the user you would like to add to the budget by typing their name into the Search Users field and clicking on the user.

7. Enter the number of reserve points to allocate to the user in the Reserve Points Allocation field.


8. Click the Add & Allocate User button. The user will be notified they are added to the published budget and they can start giving awards with points.