How to use Survey Integration (Admin Only)

Inspire integrates with the third-party cloud-based survey application, SurveyMonkey, to allow you to send and manage surveys from within Inspire.

Surveys are used in the traditional sense to solicit feedback or take a quick pulse check on the company. Surveys can also be useful for reinforcing learning and training using spaced check-ins with learners to reinforce key concepts, provide micro-learning opportunities, and engage learners in an interactive manner while assessing retention of concepts and material.  


  • A paid SurveyMonkey account is required to create and manage integrated surveys. 
  • Access to Surveys requires Inspire Administrator permissions and an Essentials Plus License. 
  • Survey Integration is a one time process to link Inspire with your SurveyMonkey account.


This article will discuss the following topics:

Types of surveys in Inspire

Part One: Create a survey using SurveyMonkey

Part Two: Create an Access Token in SurveyMonkey

Part Three: Integrate SurveyMonkey with  Inspire

Type of surveys in Inspire

  • Pulse - Pulse is included in the Leadership Genius module as part of Essentials Plus. Please contact your Client Success Representative for more information.
  • Assessment - allows you to send out your own custom surveys using the survey integration with SurveyMonkey.
  • Onboarding - Human Resources on-boarding surveys.
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Part One:  Create a survey using SurveyMonkey

  • Please refer to the website for templates and instructions for creating a survey in SurveyMonkey.
  • A survey must be created in SurveyMonkey before proceeding to Part Two: Create an Access Token from Survey Monkey.

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Part Two: Create an Access Token from SurveyMonkey

Note: An Access Token must be created and copied from SurveyMonkey to facilitate the integration between SurveyMonkey and Inspire.

SurveyMonkey is a third-party site. Site links are subject to change. The following directions are for example only and may not be exact due to unforeseen changes on the the third-party site.

Please refer to the help and documentation on the SurveyMonkey site for additional assistance if needed.


1. Once the survey has been created in SurveyMonkey, return to your dashboard in SurveyMonkey. From the dashboard, click the Developers link.

Surveys - SM Dashboard

2. The SurveyMonkey Developer page opens. Click the My Apps link.

Surveys - SM Developer

3. The SurveyMonkey App Creation page opens. 

        1. Type in an App nickname for this integration; for example, Inspire Software.
        2. Click on the Private App button.
        3. Click on the Create App button.

Surveys - Dev - My App - App Creation

4. The SurveyMonkey Overview Application page opens. Click on the Settings link.

Surveys - Dev - My App - Inspire SW

5. The SurveyMonkey Settings Application page opens.  Note that the App Nickname appears here, and can be changed if needed. In the Scopes section, set the scopes as needed; the scopes shown are for example only. Please refer to the SurveyMonkey documentation for details on Scopes, if needed.

Copy the Access Token to your clipboard. You will need this Access Token to facilitate the integration in Part Three: Integrate SurveyMonkey with Inspire.

Surveys - Dev - My App - Inspire SW - Settings


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Part Three:  Integrate SurveyMonkey with Inspire

1. On the top toolbar, click the Modules  menu and select Administration.

2. On the left side of the Admin page under the section, click Sets to expand the set of survey categories.  

Surveys - Admin Nav Bar

Note: Not all survey sets are available to everyone. Access to some survey sets is by restricted Administrator Role.

Surveys - Sets
3. The Assessment Survey page opens. Click the Account Settings hyperlink.
Surveys - Assessments page - Acct Settings link-1
4. The Register SurveyMonkey Account page opens. Paste the Access Token you copied to the clipboard previously. Click the Surveys - Register SM Acct - Savebutton.
Surveys - Register SurveyMonkey Account - blank-1

5. The Assessments Survey page is displayed and the integration between Inspire and SurveyMonkey is almost complete.

Please contact your Client Success Representative directly, or email, to initiate the final steps for integration. 

Surveys - Assessments page - Start Setup-1

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