Wrapping up an Objective with a Direct Report

The end of each quarter, or other strategic period, provides a unique opportunity to review your direct report's progress on their planned objectives, recognize where they excelled, and provide guidance in areas they may have fallen short.

As each strategic period closes, Supervisors have two key tools for assessing progress on completed objectives: the 1-1 Module and the Team Progress view.  Here, you can find the data you need to fuel insights into what drove extraordinary progress or what setbacks may have gotten in the way: Was the objective too ambitious, were priorities shifted, or did other extenuating circumstances impede progress?

These insights can help determine whether an objective should be carried over, as is, into the next quarter or, if it could be re-written for greater clarity, or broken down into more actionable key results. Working with transparent data can help you make evidence-based decisions on the most effective way to coach your direct report. 

This article will cover key functionalities from the 1-1 Module as well as information available suing the the Team Progress view.

Using the 1:1 Module to review past Conversations, Agendas, and Feedback 

As a supervisor, the 1-1 Module can provide the historical perspective you need to better understand where progress was made and what setbacks occurred during the strategic period. 

1. From the Inspire Homepage, click on the Module image-697 menu and select 1-1.

2. Select a direct report and click View 1-1.

3. At the top of your screen, the Agenda, Conversation, and Feedback tabs provide a wealth of historical information.

4. To review the agenda, conversation, or feedback information from a previous week, click the < icon. Use the > icon to return to the current week. 

5. Review the available date for any topics that indicated achievement or possible concerns. Did your direct report communicate possible setbacks early? Were they given the answers they needed to succeed?

Working with the Team Progress View 

The Team Progress view can be used to determine where your direct report made the most impact and where they may have fallen short. 

1. On the top toolbar, click the Module button and select Objectives.

2. On the My Objectives page, click the Progress button on the Team Objective you would like to view.

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.22.16 AM

3. The Team Progress screen displays overall progress on your team objective, from all contributors, at the top of the screen.  For instance, the objective below shows 20% completion, collectively. 

4. However, as part of the end-of-quarter wrap up on an objective, it is important to look deeper and see where your direct report made contributions.  To do this click the Drop-down arrow next to each key result. In the example below, although the first key result stalled at 20%, Jang Hae was almost entirely responsible for that progress. 

Note: Although quarters are used as an example of a typical strategic period, Inspire can be configured to support any strategic period. 

6. Next, click the Objective Progress tab to view how progress is broken down on the objective as a whole. As shown below, once again, one direct report, Jang Hae, contributed far more than the others. 

7. To gain further insight into how this progress breaks down into planned tasks, click the Drop-down arrow next to each contributor.  This will display your direct report's most recent accomplishments for this objective. 

8. Lastly, you can use the Contributor's chat to view the entire conversation that has happened around this objective over the strategic period. This can provide insight into any roadblocks. 

ContributorsChat copy

As you wrap-up an objective with your direct report, the insights gained from the 1-1 Module and the Team Progress page can help you better understand what was accomplished during the quarter, what was missed, and why. Knowing these factors can help you more effectively target your coaching style moving forward.