Step 1 - Setting up Recognition Programs

Recognition Programs allow employees to give and receive recognition awards for exceptional actions. Recognition Administrators are able to create multiple Recognition Programs with various awards which allow employees to easily give and receive recognition from their peers and managers.

Recognition Admins are able to:

Note: You must have the Recognition Administrator permission to follow the instructions covered in this article.

Navigating to Recognition Programs

Recognition programs are set up and managed in the Administration Module.  

1. Click the Modules moduleButton menu and select Administration.

2. On the Management Administration page, click Recognition to expand the menu.

3. All Recognition Admin Settings discussed in this article will be located on the Programs page. 


Adding a Recognition Program

Recognition Administrators can create more than one Recognition Program to meet their company's needs. 

1. Navigate to Recognition Programs.

2. Click the +Add Program addProgram button at the top of the page.

3. Enter the following information:

  • Program Title: Enter the name of the new recognition program. 
  • Point Category: Select either Peer-to-peer or Manager point category. If you are creating awards for managers to give to direct reports, select Manager. For awards all users can give their peers, select Peer-to-peer. This will dictate which type of points can be used from the recognition budget. To learn more about recognition points, read this article
  • Program Description: Describe the nature of the recognition program. The program description will only display to Recognition Administrators.


4. Once you have added the necessary information, click Save SaveButton.

5. The new Recognition Program is active and ready to be used. Add Awards to the program to allow employees to start giving and receiving recognition.

Turning a Recognition Program Off

When you create a new Recognition Program, the default is that the program is on and ready to be used by employees. To turn a Recognition Program off, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Recognition Programs..

2. Open the Program you would like to turn off.

3. At the top of the page, click the toggle switchactiveToggle to turn the program off.

4. Click Save SaveButton. Employees will no longer have the ability to use the Recognition Program.

Note:  When you turn a Recognition Program off, employees will no longer be able to give awards associated with this program. If an employee has received an award associated with this program before it is turned off, it will still display on their Recognition Wall.

Editing a Recognition Program

Recognition programs can be edited at any time. To make changes to a recognition program, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Recognition Programs.

2. Find the Recognition Program you wish to change, and click the Edit editGradeScalebutton next to it.

3. Make any updates necessary, and then click the Save SaveButton button at the top of the page.

Note: You can also delete a program by clicking the Delete deleteIconbutton on the Programs page, but that is only enabled if no awards associated with the program have been given out.

Adding a New Award

You can add up to 12 awards per program.

Note: If you have just completed adding a new Recognition Program, skip to Step 3.

1. Navigate to Recognition Programs.

2. Edit an existing recognition program, or create a new program.

3. Click the +Add Award addAward button.

4. Enter the following information:

  • Award Title: Enter the name of the new award.
  • Award Description: Describe what it means to merit receiving the award. 
  • Award Image: Assign an image to represent the award. Stock recognition award images are located in the Recognition Badges gallery, or you can upload your own custom recognition image.
  • Points: If desired, you can set a number of points given to a user when receiving the award. By selecting Fixed from the drop-down menu, you can enter a set number of points a user receives with the award. When selecting Variable, you can enter the maximum number of points a user can give with the award. 

Note: To create an award with no points, set the points status to fixed and enter 0 in the Points Awarded field.

  • Award Color: Optionally assign a background color for the award image by selecting a color from the drop-down menu. 
  • Eligibility to Give: Set who is eligible to give the award. The default is all users, or you can select a defined group from the drop-down list. Groups are created in the Group Builder.
  • Approval: You can set approval if the award needs approval to be received. The default is no approval, or you can select the receiver's manager.


5. When you are finished creating the new award, click Save SaveButton.

6. Repeat this process until all desired awards are created for the Recognition Program.

How to Add a Custom Image for an Award

Note: You must be adding or editing an award to follow the steps below.

1. Click the Image Field for the award.

2. Select "Company Recognition" from the album drop-down list.

3. Click Upload Image uploadImage, and then select the image to upload from your local computer.

4. The image will be added to your company gallery, and you can then select that image to be the award image.

Deactivating an Award

After awards have been created, Recognition Administrators can deactivate them. When an award is deactivated, the Recognition Program is still active, but employees will no longer be able to give or receive the deactivated award. To deactivate an award, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Recognition Programs.

2. Edit the program with the award you would like to deactivate.

3. Click the Active toggle switch activeToggle to deactivate the award.

4. When prompted, confirm you would like to deactivate the award.

Note: When an award is deactivated, employees will no longer be able to give or receive it. However, if they received the award before it was deactivated it will still display on their Recognition Wall.

5. Click Save SaveButton.

Editing an Award

Awards can be edited once they have been added to a program. To edit an award, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Recognition Programs.

2. Edit the program with the award(s) you would like to edit.

3. Click the Edit editGradeScalebutton on the award.

4. Make any updates, then click Save SaveButton.

Note: You can delete an award by clicking the Delete deleteIcon button on the award when editing a program. Awards can only be deleted if they have not been given to an employee. 

5. Save SaveButton any changes made to the Recognition Program.