Preparing a Performance Appraisal

At the end of each performance cycle, Inspire's appraisal process lets employees and their supervisors review their achievements, examining areas of excellence and identifying where additional progress can be made. This process is marked by a number of stages:

  1. Employees complete a self-assessment and submit it to their supervisor.
  2. The supervisor reviews the employee self-assessment and prepares an appraisal.
  3. The appraisal is submitted.
  4. Employees and/or their Supervisors sign off on the appraisal, marking the end of the performance cycle. 

This article covers the role of the supervisor in the appraisal process and provides a walkthrough of stages 2, 3, and 4:

NOTE: Only users with direct reports will be able to prepare a performance appraisal.

Preparing an Appraisal

After a direct report has written and submitted a self-assessment, their supervisor automatically receives an email, as well as an in-app notification, alerting them of the submission. 

0819 - Perf - Sup Not - DR has submitted SA

Follow the steps below to open the Performance Module and complete the appraisal. 

1. From the Inspire homepage, click the Modules menu and select Performance.

2. The most current cycle is displayed by default. To open a previous cycle, click the dropdown icon and select from the list of available cycles. 

3. Next, select the direct report whose appraisal you would like to complete and click on their timeline to open. 

4. Under the Performance Cycle Timeline, click Appraisal to expand the Appraisal section, then click the Prepare Appraisal  link. 

5. The Employee Performance page contains a number of possible tabs including: Summary, Objectives, Competencies, Values, and Grade Sheet.

These appraisal tabs are customized by your company's Performance Administrator; they may be enabled or disabled, and in some cases, the values may be changed. The tabs shown below may not be available in your Inspire instance.

To complete the appraisal,  click on each available tab and enter your grades and comments as appropriate. 

Click Save Progress save your work and continue later.

You MUST save your progress before you can submit the appraisal.

A yellow icon indicates a tab requires additional data. 

A blue   icon indicates the tab has unsaved changes. 


The summary tab can be used by employees to record their thoughts on the contributions and achievements they have made, as well as address any areas where they would like to improve in the next performance cycle.  Take a moment to review these statements and add your thoughts. See example below:


0819 - Perf - Sup - Summ - Improve stmt-1


The objectives tab lists all the objectives that were added to the Performance Agreement at the beginning of the cycle. If grading has been enabled, review the grades your direct report has chosen for each objective and any comments they have added.  Then, for each objective, add your grade and any desired comments. 


Competencies are particular areas of focus selected by your company.  Competencies may include items like: Execution of Role, Develop Self, Technical Skills, etc. If grading has been enabled for this section, review the grades your direct report has chosen and any comments they have added.  Then, add your grade and any desired comments. 

  • Behaviors (ways of demonstrating a competency) may or may not be enabled. If behaviors are enabled, the competency score will be equal to the average of all behaviors. 

0819 - Perf - Sup - Comp Example

NOTE:  The grade scale used, and points values assigned, are customized by your company's Performance Administrator to meet your company's needs for performance evaluation. 


The Values tab displays your organizations key values. This section allows employees to assess how they have met these values over the previous performance period.  Values may include items like: Passion, Trust, Empowerment, Excellence, or Teamwork. If grading has been enabled for this section, review the grades your direct report has chosen and any comments they have added.  Then, add your grade and any desired comments. 

Alternately, use the drop down button to select whether you feel the value was demonstrated. 

0819 - Perf - Sup - Values example

Grade Sheet

This tab provides an overview of the date entered in the previous sections and shows the grades and comments you and your direct report have entered. 

0818 - Perf - My Perf - Grade Sheet Example

Submitting the Appraisal

1. When you have completed all required steps in the appraisal and selected Save Progress, the Send to Employee button will be enabled, indication your appraisal is complete and ready to send. 

NOTE: If your Performance Administrator has configured the performance appraisal cycle to include an HR review step, then the Submit for HR Admin Review    button will appear instead of Send to Employee

Please refer to If your company includes an HR Review step for more information. 

2. After you click Submit, a dialog box will appear asking you if you would like to continue; click the Yes  to complete the submission. 

If your Company includes an HR Review step

1. After you click the Submit for HR Admin Review  0819 - Perf - Submit to HR Button Actual  button, a dialog box will appear asking you if you would like to continue; click the Yes  button if you would like to continue with your appraisal. 

2. The Inspire Human Resource Administrator(s) will receive a notification that the appraisal is pending approval and the button will update to show that the appraisal is pending approval.  

  • If the HR Administrator rejects the Appraisal, it will be returned to you with comments to edit and resubmit. When you resubmit the appraisal, it will again to the HR Administrator for review. 

  • If the HR approves the appraisal, you will receive notification that the appraisal has been approved and may continue to the next step. 

Completing the Performance Appraisal Process

    1.  Once the Performance Appraisal has been completed (and approved by HR if required, you may meet with your direct report to discuss the appraisal.

    2. Once this meeting is complete, return to the appraisal and select Met with Employee

    3. Advise your direct report to return to the Performance module and select Employee Sign-off.

    4. The employee sign-off completes the Performance Appraisal process.

    NOTE: Some organizations may require an additional sign-off from the supervisor after their direct report has completes step 4.  If this requirement has been enabled, after your direct report has signed off, return the the appraisal and select Supervisor Sign-off