Step 2 - Getting Started with the Recognition Budget

After the Recognition Administrator has created a recognition program with points, they can create a point budget so users can give awards with points. The next step in setting up the Recognition module for your company is structuring your Master Budget. The Master Budget page displays the total points your company has purchased, how many points are assigned in a budget and how many points are still available.

The Recognition Administrator must create a budget and allocate points to users before they can give awards with points. This article discusses the Master Budget page, creating the initial budget, setting up point boosting if desired, and editing a draft budget. 

Note: To access the master budget, you must be a Recognition Administrator.

Navigate to the Master Budget

Recognition Administrators manage the Recognition module from the Management Administration page. This article discusses Recognition Administrator's actions on the Budget page. To navigate to the Recognition Budget, follow the steps below.

1. Click the Modules moduleButton menu and select Administration.

2. Expand the Recognition menu on the left side of the Management Administration page.


3. Select Budget to open the Master Budget.

masterBudgetPageThe Master Budget page displays the total points your company has purchased, points assigned in a budget, and points remaining to be added to a new budget. You can also see budgets with any status that have been created. To create a new budget, read the steps below.

Creating a Budget

Before you can allocate points to users, you must create a budget. 

1. Navigate to the Master Budget page.

2. Click the Create Budget createBudgetButton button at the top right of the page.

3. Enter the following information:

  • Budget Title- Enter a title for your new budget. 
  • Budget Total - Enter the number of points you would like to add to your new budget. This can be edited once the budget has been created, but can't be edited once the budget is published.
  • Budget Reserve: This is optional, but you should add reserve points to the budget balance to be used for employees added after the Recognition Program and Budget are published and active. Published budgets can't be edited, and only reserve points can be allocated within a published budget.  


4. Click Save SaveButton. The budget will be created in draft status, and you can allocate points for a peer to peer budget or manager budget.

Setting Point Boost Limit

The Recognition Administrator can enable or disable point boosting in budget settings. When point boost is enabled, users can boost awards by giving their peers extra points. The Recognition Administrator also sets the maximum number of points users are able to give when boosting. To enable point boosting and set a boost limit, follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to the Master Budget page.

2. Click Budget Settings budgetSettingsButton at the top right of the page.

3. Flip the Boost Enabled toggle-switch to enabled.

4. Enter the maximum number of points a user can give when boosting an award.


4. Click Close

Note: If you would like to tun off boosting points for all awards, flip the Boost Enabled toggle-switch to turn it off.

Editing a Draft Budget

Budgets can be edited before they are published, but once they are published no changes can be made. To edit a draft budget, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Master Budget page.

2. Find the draft budget you wish to edit, and click the Edit editGradeScale button.

3. Make any desired changes to the title, total points, or reserve points. 

Note: If a budget is published, you will only be able to edit the title. 


4. Click Save

Note: To delete a draft budget, click the Ellipsis ellipsisLMS-1 button in the actions column for the budget you would like to delete and then click Delete Budget deleteBudget. This can only be done for draft budgets. To pause or archive a published budget, read this article