Assigning and Scheduling Inspire Academy Courses

The Learning Management System Administrator has the ability to schedule and assign courses to users in the Inspire Academy. Once a course has been added to the Learning Library, it is ready to be assigned. To add courses to the Inspire Academy, read this article. When scheduling a course, the Learning Management System Administrator can assign it to all or some employees, and set a due date.

Note: In order to assign course to users you must be a Learning Management System Administrator.

How to Assign and Schedule Courses

1. Click the Modules moduleButton menu and select Administration.

2. Expand the Schedule menu on the left-hand side of the page and select Scheduled.


3. Click +Add Schedule addScheduleButton at the top right-hand side of the page.

4. Enter the following information:

  • Select Course: Type the course name into the search field and press enter. The course must be added to the Learning Library before it can be scheduled.
  • Title: Optionally enter a title of the scheduled training. If no title is entered, the scheduled training will have the same title as the course.
  • Start Date: Enter an optional start date for the scheduled training using the Date Selector.
  • Due Date: Enter the due date for the scheduled training using the Date Selector.


5. Click Save SaveButton.

6. To add participants to the scheduled training, there are two options.

  • Bulk Add: Click the Add lmAdminAddDropDown drop-down menu button and click 
    Add Page lmAdminAddPage
  • Individually Add: Type a participant's name in the search field, click their name to select it and then click Add lmAdminAddButton


Note: Participants are immediately assigned the course when you click Add. To remove an individual from the training, type their name in the search field, select their name from the Assigned Employees, and click Remove.

7. When all participants are added, click Close.